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UFO Part 2

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I'm almost hesitant to write this addition to the UFO/Temple Mount article, but the Temple Mount videos have taken the world by storm, so I guess there’s no better time than the present. People are wondering what that glowing light was, why it was here, and why it issued two intense flashes before it left. While it's impossible to know all the answers to these questions, I think we can make some logical deductions. It's my contention that these entities are clearly NOT extra-terrestrial beings that have flown here from distant solar system, but rather, they are extra-DIMENSIONAL beings that have been here with us all along. In other words, it's likely that they are the 'celestial beings' of scripture, part of the hierarchy of angels.

I mentioned in the last post that three of these initial videos appear to be legitimate recordings, while the fourth was clearly hoaxed, and now we'll discuss the reasons for that claim. To begin with, the hoaxed video was the one supposedly taken from the closest vantage point, where a number of people were in attendance and you here a lady say "We've seen 'em like this in Mississippi....". But after close examination, it appears that this video was actually filmed against a still-photo backdrop. There are a number of tell-tale signs that this is not legitimate, even though news services world-wide are using this particular footage in their stories. Below are some of the reasons;

1) No reflections of light are cast on any of the objects below, as in the other videos. When you look at the adjacent photo of this hoax, you can see this quite clearly. Notice that while the glowing object hovers above the Dome of the Rock, it casts NO reflection on the Dome itself. Sorry, but the dome is covered in gold, and it reflects any and all light quite well. Notice how well it reflects all the other lighting in the surrounding environment.
2) There is no flickering of lights below the object, as in the other videos. In the other recordings, the lights throughout Jerusalem flicker notably as the UFO descends to the Mount. This is a phenomenon that has been widely reported in other sightings.

3) The object is not as bright as the object in the other videos. In the three other recordings, the object is shining so intensely that you can't even make out a shape. But in the hoax video, it's clearly a spherical object.

4) The object doesn't move away from the Dome of the Rock, as in the other videos.

5) There was no brilliant flash of light, as in the other videos. The other three each have a flash of light that is emitted just before the object shoots up into the air. This flash was so brilliant that it would be impossible to miss, and yet it's not in this one. Hmm.

6) The observers don't react in awe and amazement, as in the other videos. I'm sorry, but in all the other videos they seem truly perplexed at what they are witnessing. There is a certain awe and wonder about the event that is missing in the hoaxed video. In fact, in the hoaxed video you hear people saying "weeeee.." as the object shoots upward. Sorry. Someone was clowning around there.

7) The camera doesn't follow the object upward, as in the other videos. In those, the witnesses quickly raised there cameras in order to follow it, which is why they also were able to film the oscillating red lights overhead. Of course, the reason the camera didn't follow it upward is that they were shooting against a still photo background. If they raised the camera, it would have exposed the wall and ceiling around the photo.

8) There are no moving lights in the city, as in the other videos. In the filming of any sufficiently large urban area, like this, a small amount of light oscillation would be typical, particularly on a windy day. But again, this 'light' was superimposed against a still photo, therefore no movement of light in the city could be seen.

9) Trees were not swaying in the background, and with all the wind that was heard blowing against the camera, that should have been the case.

No, it's pretty clear that this was a hoax, since it contains virtually no elements that were noted in the other three initial videos.


In contrast, when you examine the initial videos that DO appear to be legitimate, you find the following conditions in each of those three recordings;

UFO_Jerusalem1) An intense flickering of light in Jerusalem as the UFO descends. This object obviously created a strobing affect as it's energy waves affect everything in it's vicinity. It's almost as though a controlled electro-magnetic pulse was part of it's essence.

2) An intense reflection of light can be seen on the Dome of the Rock and in the areas below it. This reflection can even be seen on the attached photograph, but it particularly notable in the video, since the reflections on surrounding buildings move in direct proportion to the movement of the object. Just watch this video again and pay particular attention to the reflections.

3) The object is so brilliant that it's actual shape cannot be determined. The light may suggest an underlying disc shape, but that's not certain due to the intense glow.

4) The lights in the city waver slightly through the course of the videos, as one would expect. This may be partly due to the strobing affect that researchers say always accompany these objects, but we would expect a small amount of this affect even in a normal environment.

5) An intense double-burst of light is recorded in each of the videos, and the bursts are the same in each instance in both intensity and timing. We can only imagine what these bursts were for, but they were definitely impressive, particularly to those watching and recording the event.

6) The observers are in awe of what they were witnessing on all three videos. And if any one of us saw something like this, we'd probably react the same way. I doubt there would be laughing and joking as in the hoaxed video.

7) They followed the light upward when it emitted the light bursts and then took off. This would be the natural reaction of anyone recording such a thing.

8) They each recorded the red lights that were blinking overhead when this object left the Mount.

In short, these object are appearing in greater frequency in the last several years, and having one of them visit the Temple Mount may prove to be significant. And while many people don't believe that this phenomenon really exists, the evidence seems overwhelming that they do.


According to those that study this phenomenon, 95% of UFO sightings are hoaxes created by individuals looking for noteriety, and most of these accounts and videos can be easily debunked. But an additional 5% simply cannot be explained away by experts, including our own military, and that is a concern. These glowing orbs of light have been seen by millions of people world-wide, and these encounters have increased substantially since 1948 (hint hint).

Sightings in recent decades have been reported by commercial pilots, Air Force and Navy figher pilots, astronauts, naval crews and commanders, police officers, military personnel of all rank, flight control operators, governors, and at least one president of the United States. And of the thousands of potentially valid sightings, hundreds of them have been recorded. If you've ever watched 'UFO Hunters' on the History Channel, no doubt you've seen some of this footage.

But my concern is not whether they exist, because I believe the evidence says they do. Rather, my concern is that we understand just what they are and why they're appearing in greater numbers at this point in history. So stay tuned for the next installment of 'UFO', where we'll continue to address this issue. It will be up in another day or two.
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