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Azazel the 'Scapegoat'

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Rob Skiba's recent topographical discovery on Mount Hermon has provided such an astounding piece of biblical evidence to those of us living in the ‘space age’ that I can still hardly believe it. And yet, there it is, staring us in the face, etched into the surface of the earth for over 4,300 years now. The image was not visible to man until the advent of the down-looking satellite, but now at this point in history, God seems to be speaking to us again.

So, what is the image? It’s the clear outline of a goat’s head that covers the entire mountain range of Mount Hermon, and it has a very particular meaning that has been lost to the church for many centuries.  But we’re going to re-discover it right here in this post, because this image is so incredible and so far beyond coincidence that it demands our attention.

In this first image, we can see a satellite photo of the Middle East that is centered on Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights. This mountain range is located between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, and highlighted by the little green mountain-shaped icon that is just left of center in this image;


In order to see the intended image more clearly, the boundary and location overlays will now be removed, which leaves us with the same image of Mount Hermon and the surrounding region. So let’s see if you can spot the goat in the image;


If you look closely in this image, you can see the clear outline of what may look like the head of a horse or goat. However, when you look a little closer you can even see a curled horn on the top of it’s head.  If you can’t see it, here is another image where the head is outlined;


Now when you look back at the preceding image, you should be able to see it loud and clear.  The image is undeniable. The only questions we have to ask are how and why it is there. Was it a freak accident of nature in the most remarkable coincidence that one could imagine? Or was God trying to alert us to a reality described in the Bible that is about to take place? Well, I think I can answer that, based on years of prior research that dovetails perfectly with the image and also it’s location.

The Scapegoat ‘Azazel’

Scapegoat-TempleIf you are familiar with the seven Festivals of God that were celebrated in Israel during the Temple Period, then perhaps you are also familiar with the ‘scapegoat’ tradition described in chapter 16 of the book of Leviticus.  This was a somewhat bizarre tradition observed on the Day of Atonement, and in that tradition, two goats would be presented to the High Priest; one that was dedicated to the Lord, and one that was assigned to banishment (the Scapegoat-Desert‘scapegoat’).  Lots would be cast between these two goats, and the goat dedicated to the Lord would be sacrificed, while the goat assigned to banishment would have the sins of Israel symbolically placed upon it. Then a priest would lead this scapegoat (‘azazel’ in Hebrew) far away into the desert so that Israel would never see it again. It was a ritualistic way of communicating how God will remove our sins and and send them as far from us as the east is from the west. But there is more to this symbolism than meets the eye. 

While this is a strange observance to the uninitiated, it has a direct application to a fallen angel that roamed the earth in pre-flood times during the days of the patriarch Jared. This is explained in detail in the book of Enoch, which is an extra-biblical book that was considered authentic to the early church. Enoch explains that in those days a fallen angel named ‘Azazel’ came down on Mount Hermon with a company of 200 angels, and in disobedience to God he taught mankind the arts of warfare and inappropriate sensuality;

“And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and taught them about metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of eyelids, and all kinds of precious stones, and all coloring and dyes”  (Enoch 8:1)

We can see from this that Azazel introduced battle implements to man that led to warfare, and he also introduced the improper sexualization of women which led to immorality. At the same time, he and his fellow ‘sons of God’ took wives from the ‘daughters of Adam’ and spawned the giants that the Bible called the Nephilim. The details of these events are described in chapter 6 of Genesis and also chapter 6 of Enoch.

Azazel_PrisonOnce this giant human/angel hybrid began to increase on the earth, Azazel’s teaching began to corrupt all mankind. But the angels didn’t stop there, because they also corrupted animals and vegetation, leading to God’s decision to destroy the entire earth. And because of his wicked leadership in all of these things, God ascribed all of man’s sin to the fallen angel Azazel, who was then banished to the desert within the bowels of the earth where he remains to this day;

And again the Lord said to Raphael, “Bind Azazel hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness and split open the desert, which is in Dudael, and cast him in.”  (Enoch 10:4)

In essence, THIS is the precedent for the ‘scapegoat’ tradition held on the Day of Atonement, because the same thing occurs in that ritual that occurred before the flood.  In the first instance, the fallen angel Azazel had all of man’s sin ascribed to him, after which he was banished to the desert within the earth.  In the latter instance, the scapegoat (azazel) had all of Israel’s sin ascribed to him, after which he also was banished to the desert.

Azazel the ‘Watcher’ Angel

It’s amazing how often the names of biblical characters tell us something additional about them, particularly when their names are examined in the original paleo-Hebrew letters. The name Azazel is no exception. Azazel was called a ‘Watcher’ angel in the book of Enoch, and the book of Daniel confirms that Watchers existed, since it uses that term in reference to angels.  So it should not surprise us to find a reference to ‘watching’ in his name.   

In Hebrew, Azazel is spelled Ayin-Zayin-Aleph-Zayin-Lamed, and when you take the first letter of each word, you have the phoenetic equivalent of ’A-Z-A-Z-L’, from which ’Azazel’ comes. But the important thing is what each of these letters suggest when we examine them in their original pictographic form.

In the original paleo-Hebrew pictographs, these letters are respectively an eye, mattock, ox head, another mattock, and then a shepherds staff. When we line up the meanings of each one of these pictures, they suggest the following;

“Watching and nourishing leaders to cut the yoke”

And indeed, this is precisely what Azazel did in the days before the flood.  He was a Watcher angel that came down to earth and taught the leaders of men to cut their yoke with God. 

Mount Hermon

The fact that this geological shape of a scapegoat is contoured into the earth in this location is no coincidence, because the book of Enoch clearly states that Mount Hermon was the place where these fallen angels descended to earth;

“And they were in all two hundred who descended in the days of Jared on Mount Hermon…”  (Enoch 6:6)


They descended during the “days of Jared” according to the book of Enoch, and in Hebrew the name Jared actually means 'shall come down'. This seems to confirm what Enoch says about these angels, that they came down during Jared's life time. So this name was quite revealing for this precise point in history. And the idea that Azazel and his company descended on Mount Hermon seems to be the only logical reason why God would emblazon that image there. It’s a symbolic pitch that God knocked out of the park. 

While we don’t know what this mountain range may have looked like before the great flood, it would appear that God created this image using the massive erosion that resulted from that event. And what better way to create the image of the scapegoat then to use the very floodwaters that his actions led to.

The Fortress of Nimrod

The scapegoat on Mount Hermon has one more feature that is significant, and it’s the ‘The Fortress of Nimrod’ that comprises it’s eye. While Azazel was the scapegoat noted before the flood, Nimrod was a ‘type’ of a scapegoat after the flood, with both being responsible for spreading sin throughout the world.

Fortress_of_NimrodIt was Nimrod and his wife Semiramis that founded the false religions of Mesopotamia, and these false religions eventually spread and corrupted world society. Elements of this false religion have subsequently made their way into every religion on earth from Islam to Judaism, and even Christianity. But the fact that this fortress of Nimrod comprises the ‘eye’ of this scapegoat is what I’d like to focus on here, since this is very revealing in light of one of the potential meanings of the name of Yeshua, or Jesus. 

If you’ve read my post on the name of Yeshua in the ‘Hebrew Studies’ category, then you read how the Lord’s name in Hebrew is spelled ‘Yud-Shin-Vav-Ayin’, which carries the phonetic sound of ’Y-Sh-U-A’, or 'Yeshua'.  In that post I demonstrated how His name can mean “He who creates, destroys, saves and reveals”.  However, based on the pictographs, His name can also mean “the Arm that destroys the establishment of the eye”.

This was the interpretation of the name 'Yeshua' given by Rob Skiba in his recent interview on Prophecy in The News, and I'd highly recommend that particular episode to anyone that is reading this post. It provides additional insight into the nature of the fallen angels that men war with every day, whether they are aware of it or not. And when we stop to think that the Fortress of Nimrod is located in the eye of the scapegoat, we seem to have a confirmation of what the Bible says Jesus will do to “the establishment of the eye” during the end times. This is the 'all-seeing eye' of occultic lore, and if you've ever seen Tolkien's 'Lord of The Rings', then you get the idea who the eye represents. And it's not God.

The Warning

I firmly believe that God has used this image on Mount Hermon to confirm to our generation what the Bible and the book of Enoch have said about fallen angels and their role in corrupting mankind. I also believe He is using this as a warning that there are supernatural events on the horizon, and that these events will once again be driven by fallen angels in the days ahead. As Jesus himself stated, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man."

Very soon, man will again be forced to endure these same angels when they are released from thousands of years of imprisonment in the Abyss.  This will happen at the sounding of the fifth trumpet, which is shortly ahead in our study of the Revelation. And when that event occurs, we had better have the protection of the only 'Ark' that can save us in those days, and that is Yeshua, the one who creates, destroys, saves, and reveals.

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#6 mike 2014-08-22 23:28
Hi Stephen,

I understand what you are attempting to say about sensationalism, since the web is full of it. However, the outline of this ‘goat’ on Mount Hermon is undeniable and seemingly quite intentional. Ten out of ten people I’ve shown this to agree that it is there, and this includes several pastors, and even non-Christians. The only question they seem to dwell on is ‘why’ it’s there. After all, man would not be able to terraform an entire mountain range into this shape, particularly in the distant past when satellite technology was not available.

While I can’t presume to speak for God, a few possibilities for it's existence do occur to me;

1) to remind us of the sin that took place on Mount Hermon, as alluded to in Genesis 6?

2) to point us to the book of Enoch, which expands on what happened in Genesis 6?

3) to confirm the book of Enoch’s description of the angelic fall on Mount Hermon?

4) to show us the reason for the ‘Azazel’ tradition on the Day of Atonement?

5) to provide confirmation of these things for those of us in the ‘space age’?

Frankly, it is beyond coincidence that Enoch describes Azazel’s fall as occurring on Mount Hermon, only to have Mount Hermon reveal the shape of said ‘scapegoat’ thousands of years into the future. It seems to me that God has a sense of irony, and He has probably provided this terraform as a warning to our generation - the first generation to discover this shape due to our satellite technology.

When you indicate that Skiba’s work is not edifying, I strongly disagree. While I don’t agree with all that he has written, or probably he with me, several of his studies have been quite enlightening. While he is not an evangelist per se, what he does is certainly within the scope of evangelism. He is trying to warn the faithful of the things that lie ahead. That is also what I’m attempting to do. Jesus spent much of his time doing the same.

Stephen, I would be careful about judging the callings of fellow brothers and sisters just because their gifts don’t line up with our gifts or standards. I have a friend who is a prolific evangelist, and I love his enthusiasm for the gospel. However, he also tends to ridicule those that don’t have his same gift, and is always attempting to spur other Christians to "get off their butts" and knock on doors. I have found that annoying since we each have been APPOINTED different gifts, as Paul confirmed in 1Co 12:28-31. Not everyone is an evangelist.

In short, the body needs lots of different parts to function. We shouldn't presume to tell another what their role should be, or whether their work is valuable or not. Only God knows that.


#5 Stephen 2014-08-22 16:56
I think it depends on what your told your going to see then you look for it.

I spent some time looking at the map and I could find a number of animals if I squint my eyes just right (eagle, alligator, rabbit, donkey, etc). Not sure why Hashem would put the face of a fallen angel on the earth = doesn't make sense TO ME.

The problem I have with people who say "this is what it is" often come up lots of non biblical statements. I have watched a number of DVDs from Rob Skiba and the majority are a lot of hype. There is a lack of what believers are supposed to do in his messages (die to self, be set apart, walk in obedience, etc). There is just something wrong IMHO about someone who focuses on the sensational and not on how we are to live our lives in the Messiah.

Is there a possibility that Nimrod's fortress is the 'eye'? Perhaps but even if it is, how does that make me a better father, husband or spiritual head of my household? I can memorize all of Skiba's info but does it make me mature in the Lord? Does it help in my walk? Or being closer to the Father? No.

So while its interesting at best, I would warn about getting caught up in the sensationalism but that is just me.


#4 Mike 2013-10-03 12:40

I think you're correct. I went to Google Earth to verify the location, and it does appear to be in the mouth area. In the eye it appears that there are also a few mountaintop structures, but they are not labeled.

I'm not sure what Rob Skiba was looking at, but I used his interview on Prophecy In The News as the basis for this article, as I indicated. In that interview he points to the Fortress of Nimrod being in the eye. So I'll have to review that again to see if I'm missing something, or if there is another fortress there that qualifies....or if he just made a mistake.

Good catch anyway, and thanks. While this formation is equally fascinating regardless of where the fortress is, I don't want to make any claims on this site that are misleading. I sometimes have to rely on my friends to catch things that have eluded me, and this is particularly crtical when piggy-backing on someone elses work.

I'll check this, and edit the article if this proves to be the case. Thanks again!


-1 #3 Nigel 2013-09-01 07:55
The Nimrod Fortress in the photograph is in the bottom lip area of the goat, rather than where you drew the eye. The eye is in modern day Lebanon, whereas the fortress is in modern day Israel. Correct me if I'm wrong.
#2 Mike 2012-04-25 15:32
Hi Dan,

I use extra-biblical texts only when the Bible mentions them as an authority. For instance, Jude mentioned Enoch and even called him a prophet, and then quoted from his book. The Bible also contains over 100 teachings and references that appear to come directly from Enoch, because these teachings seem to be found nowhere else. So I personally consider it to be valuable.

For clarity, I don't consider Enoch to be scripture per se, or anything that we can rely on in itself. I merely consider it a tremendous resource that explains a number of spiritual or 'heavenly realm' truths that aren't expanded upon in the Bible.

The problem most scholars have with Enoch is that it was lost for centuries, during which time it appears to have undergone some corruption. And those places of corruption are fairly easy to discern in most instances. But overall, it can be quite revealing because it directly addresses certain spiritual topics that the Bible does not expand on.

One good example of this is Enoch's explanation of where evil spirits come from and why they do what they do. The Bible does not answer these questions, and instead appears to assume that we should already know this. And the truth is, the early church DID know, because in the 1st and 2nd century they considered Enoch to be authoritative, and Enoch provides these explanations in great detail.

In light of Enoch's eventual purging from the church, it was ironic that more copies of Enoch were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls than any other book. Seems like somebody thought it was worth keeping around.

Thanks for reading along!

#1 Dan Weightman 2012-04-25 13:27
Dan here from the Bahamas who was on the Israel trip. This picture is interesting. I like how you relate it to Hebrew through the pictograms and Enoch. Never thought of Nimrod as a type for evil. Very thorough. What are your thoughts on using extra biblical material like Enoch, particularly as they relate to historical events? What is your hermeneutic on using these materials? Just curious?