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Friday, 28 January 2011 18:27

Can You Hear The Hoofbeats?

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You can almost hear the 'hoofbeats' of the Four Horsemen in the Middle East today as Muslim uprisings continue to grow in number and in strength throughout the region. The latest unrest is the protesting and rioting that is spreading across Egypt, which has been escalating with each passing day. Of course the goal of these protestors is to take down the largely secular Mubarek government in the same manner that protesters took down the Tunisian government earlier this month. But they should probably be careful what they wish for, because if recent history is any guide they won't like the result. In Muslim nations, revolutions generally result in Islamic regimes and the oppression of Sharia law.
Friday, 03 December 2010 01:32

The Food Court Hallelujah Chorus

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Every once in awhile you see a video that really brings a smile to your face.  For me, this was one of them, occurring on November 13th of this year with a 'flash mob' of about 100 singers.  Enjoy. 

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